Top 10 Plugins Every WordPress Blogger Should Use

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TOP 10 plugins every WordPress blogger should use

This goes without saying that WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms available these days. It has been around since 2003 and has been facilitating the web designers and business owners build an online presence without putting in a lot of effort. One doesn’t need to be a certified website developer or a programmer to craft a WordPress website. Anyone who can use a mouse and a keyboard can build a WordPress blog.

But there are a few things that will make all the difference between an ordinary looking WordPress blog and a stunning and professional looking WordPress blog. WordPress plugins are one of those things. There are many different plugins available that will help your blog perform at its best. There are plugins that will make your blog load up faster, get you more readers, and make social sharing a breeze. However, with so many plugins out here, it becomes a tough task to decide which is the best and which one to choose.

If you are a new blogger and are wondering how to make your WordPress blog look and perform extremely well, it could prove worth your while to read through this article. In this article, I am going to share with you the top 10 WordPress plugins that every blogger should use. So, without any further ado, install the following plugins and get the ultimate out of your blog

TOP 10 plugins every WordPress blogger should use

1. Akismet

One of the problems almost every blogger has to face over the time is that of spam comments. If your blog is getting tons of visitors and is showing up on search engines, you are destined to see the spam comments, which you will need to moderate. And this can prove to be time-consuming and tiresome. But with the help of Akismet, you can get around any spam comments pretty easily. Akismet checks the comments and based on its database decides which comments are spam and removes them. With the help of this remarkable plugin, you can keep on blogging without the hassle of reviewing all the comments manually and deleting the spam ones.

2. Share Buttons

In current day and age, social media sharing is the key to success for all the bloggers. Social sharing will help you send more social signals to search engines and will improve your ranking on the major search engines. Share Buttons by Add to Any is one of the best plugins for this purpose. It can be customized very easily and its interface includes the buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more.

3. Google Analytics by Yoast

If you own a blog, you would want to keep a track of all your visitors and their behavior on your blog. You can do this by installing Google Analytics on your blog. Google Analytics can be installed manually, but using a plugin instead can make it easier and more efficient. One of the best plugins that serve this purpose is Google Analytics by Yoast. Its interface is very user-friendly. Installing Google Analytics through this plugin is as easy as ABC. Using it, you can check where are your visitors coming from, what keywords are performing the best and much more.

4. Headlines

This is one plugin every serious blogger must invest in. It will help you drive tons of extra visitors to your website, which would otherwise be almost impossible, and is super easy to install. After installation, all you need to do is to think of as many headlines for your article as you possibly can. Insert these headlines into the plugin. Now what this plugin will do is that it will show your article with different headlines to different people. Over the time, it will determine which headline worked the best and from that point on it will start showing only that headline to all the users. Can you see what this plugin can do for your blog?

5. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Here is another plugin by Yoast in my top 10 list. This plugin has earned its place because of the functionality it provides to the bloggers and the simplicity with which it does that. It makes SEO a piece of cake. Using this plugin, you can very easily provide the meta title, meta keywords and meta description for all your posts before publishing them. You can very easily force the search engines to crawl the keywords, title and description that you provided through this plugin, instead of using a random paragraph from your article.

6. Limit Login Attempts

Another plugin with a real smart algorithm is Limit Login Attempts. There are many hackers out there who would try to hack your WordPress blog through brute force. They will try to make unlimited number of login attempts to your blog using some script. WordPress by default lets you make unlimited login attempts, which makes it vulnerable to hacking. But worry not! Using this plugin will limit the number of login attempts to the number you mention in the plugin’s settings. If anyone makes more attempts than that particular number, he/she will be locked out for a specific period of time.

7. Wordfence Security

Another brilliant plugin that every WordPress blogger should install is Wordfence Security. As the name suggests, this plugin enhances the security of your blog. It scans all the code and files of your website for any potential malware and has an option for scheduled scans as well. Using this plugin you can remove the malware and block the unwanted IPs and much more.

8. Revive Old Post

As a blogger, it is very easy to ignore the old posts. You may have spent tons of hours researching the keywords and writing the articles. But over the time, you may start to forget these articles that you published a while ago, even though they may have a potential of bringing in a lot of traffic. However, there is a plugin called Revive Old Post, which will revive those precious pieces of writing; it will share your old posts on social media and will help keep them alive.

9. Squirrly

If you are a polished blogger then SEO may be your second nature. You may know from the back of your hand what title would work or what keywords to use. But most of the new bloggers don’t know SEO. This plugin makes SEO very easy for the newbies. It suggests the keywords while you are writing the title. It even goes ahead and determines the keyword density and warns you if their keyword density is too high or too low. This plugin is a must install too.

10. Atomic Reach

Another grand plugin every WordPress blogger needs to use is Atomic Reach. This plugin will ensure that your content is engaging and user-friendly. It will also highlight the areas of your content which have grammar issues or which have already been published somewhere else and it helps you check your content for its quality before publishing.


Using these plugins on your WordPress blog will help you focus on producing more content instead of worrying about fighting off the scam and hacker, doing SEO or making your content more sharable. So go ahead and install these plugins and enjoy blogging!

I’m Madalin Milea, and I am a technology professional based out of Rennes, France. Specializing in WordPress development, I am self-employed and I am collaborating with Codeinwp, being a member of the support team at Themeisle (besides other tasks), and I also maintain my own blog at, writing about such diverse topics as blogging, WordPress, and programming.

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