Madalin Milea

I’m Madalin Milea, and I am a technology professional based out of Rennes, France. Specializing in WordPress development, I am self-employed and I am collaborating with Codeinwp, being a member of the support team at Themeisle (besides other tasks), and I also maintain my own blog at, writing about such diverse topics as blogging, WordPress, and programming.

TOP 10 plugins every WordPress blogger should use

Top 10 Plugins Every WordPress Blogger Should Use

This goes without saying that WordPress is one of the best bl But there are a few things that will make all the difference between an ordinary looking WordPress blog and a stunning and professional looking WordPress blog. WordPress plugins are one of those things. There are many different plugins available that will help your blog perform at its best.… Read More »Top 10 Plugins Every WordPress Blogger Should Use

PressNomics Seen Through the Eyes of a WordPress Engineer

At the beginning of March, I attended my first PressNomics in Tempe, Arizona – a conference for people who run a WordPress business (hosting companies, agencies, theme and plugin developers, freelancers … me). And unlike Jean Galea suggested in his podcast, I went there unprepared. My bad. Anyway, as you can see from the title of this post, I’m writing… Read More »PressNomics Seen Through the Eyes of a WordPress Engineer

The difference between using free images vs GPL images

Nowadays, the digital world has advanced to a point in which it lets us all be creative and inspiring, but most importantly, productive and helpful to the society. In that manner, as developers we have redefined the world of sharing with creating a place for all designers and making their jobs easier. Now, every designer knows that the popularity of… Read More »The difference between using free images vs GPL images

Web programming? Here’s my story!

I wanted to introduce myself to you, visitors of my site. I’m Madalin and I’m currently a freelance web developer, who also works as a WordPress developer at Codeinwp. I’ve always been fascinated by IT and anything having to do with technology, including blogging, and believe that anyone can write code. Even the most technical challenged person in the world… Read More »Web programming? Here’s my story!

15 Blogging Tools To Create Content Quickly

Blogging is hard work. You have to think of content, write it and then find a creative way to post it. Despite what many think, blogging is a vital key to online marketing and promotion, and when is done right, can help you increase your followers, revenue and awareness. It’s these posts that garner attention and gets people to click,… Read More »15 Blogging Tools To Create Content Quickly