TOP 10 plugins every WordPress blogger should use

This goes without saying that WordPress is one of the best bl But there are a few things that will make all the difference between an ordinary looking WordPress blog and a stunning and professional looking WordPress blog. WordPress plugins are one of those things. There are many different plugins available that will help your…Continue Reading “Top 10 Plugins Every WordPress Blogger Should Use”

Blogging is hard work. You have to think of content, write it and then find a creative way to post it. Despite what many think, blogging is a vital key to online marketing and promotion, and when is done right, can help you increase your followers, revenue and awareness. It’s these posts that garner attention…Continue Reading “15 Blogging Tools To Create Content Quickly”

I like photography and I work with WordPress. Then I thought, what about making a post that includes these two? There are lots of people interested in this art, but there are also lots of professional photographers who made a career out of it. For them, an official website where they can publish their portfolio…Continue Reading “How to improve your WordPress photoblog – The best things to keep in mind when launching a photoblog”

Opt-In Panda is a very effective plugin and is used in WordPress. Let me give you a brief description of it and explain to you what its functions are. This plugin actually locks some portions of the content, by either hiding it or blurring it. To view that content, the visitors needs to enter his…Continue Reading “Opt-In Panda WordPress Plugin Review”

If you are a programmer or developer, you must have the right tools installed on your computer. You will need an amazing text editor which is a must-have on any computer no matter what the operating system. But what is a text editor?   It is a software used to edit plain text files, to…Continue Reading “Text Editors, Coda VS Sublime Text”

When it comes to keeping tabs on visitors to your sites, contact form plugin does the magic. The beauty of it all is that these plugins are free and users can easily download and install any of the preferred versions of these plugins. A good contact form gives business websites a professional appearance and helps…Continue Reading “Top 5 Free Contact Form Plugins For WordPress”

Free WordPress Backup Plugins

This goes without saying that “What can go wrong, will go wrong” is true for WordPress too. If you own a WordPress blog or website, you can be sure of one thing: it can crash or be hacked when you expect less. That’s why, you need to be prepared for this ahead of time! There…Continue Reading “Best 5 WordPress Plugins for Backup”