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Working From Home vs Working From the Office

Working remotely, or working from home, is the dream of many of us … especially if you have a 9-5 job and often find yourself unproductive in the classic office setting. And I know the feeling… In the last two years, first I did most of my work either from home, or from a pub, cafe, etc. Then, in May 2016,… Read More »Working From Home vs Working From the Office

Web programming? Here’s my story!

I wanted to introduce myself to you, visitors of my site. I’m Madalin and I’m currently a freelance web developer, who also works as a WordPress developer at Codeinwp. I’ve always been fascinated by IT and anything having to do with technology, including blogging, and believe that anyone can write code. Even the most technical challenged person in the world… Read More »Web programming? Here’s my story!

Text Editors, Coda VS Sublime Text

If you are a programmer or developer, you must have the right tools installed on your computer. You will need an amazing text editor which is a must-have on any computer no matter what the operating system. But what is a text editor?   It is a software used to edit plain text files, to change files’ configuration, documentation and… Read More »Text Editors, Coda VS Sublime Text