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Opt-In Panda is a very effective plugin and is used in WordPress.

Let me give you a brief description of it and explain to you what its functions are.

This plugin actually locks some portions of the content, by either hiding it or blurring it. To view that content, the visitors needs to enter his email id, in other words, they are conduct to subscribe instantly, in order to access the valuable content.




 Improves the conversions into customers or subscribers 


With this plugin in place, you will get a series of advantages:

  • The number of email subscriptions will shoot up, as it will effectively convert the visitors into subscribers;
  • You would be able to send more emails and increase the revenue; Get clear information about your visitors;
  • Improve the SEO ranking. With more improved performance on social media, the SEO results will largely improve;
  • It is quite SEO friendly, as the locked content will still be visible in the search results;
  • The plugin also allows the users to subscribe through the social networks and helps in giving a better understanding about the visitors on the site;
  • It can create an interest for the content with the help of overlay effects;
  • There are 4 kinds of locks available, which include manual short-codes, ‘Skip and Lock’, ‘CSS Selector’ and ‘More Tag’;
  • The plugin is optimized and can work on desktop computers, as well as on mobile phones; It loads fast and is quite developer friendly.
  • The developer can use plugin events, such as Lock, Unlock, Ready, and can help in creating unique extensions.


Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 10.20.19 am


The Opt-In Panda works with Single and Double opt-in modes, depending upon whether the email confirmation is required or not. You would be able to add the subscribers straight to your favourite mailing services, like Aweber, MyMail, GetResponse, Sendy, K-News, etc.

The plugin saves the information of the email contacts in the database, locally, and it also helps in subscribing the visitors through the social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 9.57.36 am


The Opt-In Panda plugin has two add-ons which help in making this plugin more wonderful: the Social Locker Plugin and Styleroller, which make more options available for the user. The visitor can tweet the content, follow it and can also subscribe to the Youtube channel.

Social Locker

This add-on sparks an interest in the visitor so that he ends up clicking on the social buttons. Most of the visitors don’t click on the buttons, even if they like the content, and that is because they do not care about promoting your content. However, if the visitors could be motivated enough to like the page, they might do it. This motivation could be in the form of giving access to content, videos, images, coupon codes, or to some downloads.

Therefore, Social Locker helps in locking the most valuable content on the site, behind the social buttons and this content remains hidden till the visitor clicks on the like or the share button. This greatly improves the traffic to the site and makes it more socially active and it also builds up a good quality fan base.

Social LockerDownload Lite Version



This is the second add-on of Opt-In Panda plugin. It helps in getting more social shares and improves the conversion rates. With the help of this add-on, the web developers would be able to create attractive and unique themes, which can draw the attention of the targeted audience and lead to more conversions.

Therefore, this add-on brands the Social Locker and gives a look and feel, which fits your website.It is quite easy to use the Styleroller add-on. You will only need one click and then start to edit and the changes can be seen in real-time. Also, the web designer would be able to paint the locker in different themes, depending upon the events, to give them a special look.

In conclusion, the Opt-In Panda plugin and the two add-ons will help in improving the traffic of your website and bring in more customers.

Prices: Opt-In Panda $22 / Social Locker $24 (lite version for free) / StyleRoller $15
I’m Madalin Milea, and I am a technology professional based out of Rennes, France. Specializing in WordPress development, I am self-employed and I am collaborating with Codeinwp, being a member of the support team at Themeisle (besides other tasks), and I also maintain my own blog at madalinm.com, writing about such diverse topics as blogging, WordPress, and programming.

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