Blogs and websites look really beautiful when they have some lovely images on them. We all know that images speak louder than words. Due to this reason, almost every blogger and web designer search the net for some cool pictures, which can be used on their blogs or sites.

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While good quality and sharp resolution images are not available on the net all the time, whatever is available is copyrighted. That doesn’t mean you have to go around with a camera, taking pictures. So, what do you do? Well, a lot of people search for free stock photos on the internet.

To fulfil this requirement of bloggers and designers, provides free stock photos, which can be downloaded and can be reused.

All these pictures have a very high resolution and come with a white background. They can be used for personal as well as for commercial purposes, under the Creative Commons Zero license. No changes and attribution will be required, as such.


In fact, the images available on this site can be reused by copying, modifying and even by distributing. These can be shared on the social media platforms, as well, without requiring any permission. There are lots and lots of photographs available on stocka, and you can go ahead and pick amongst them. Some of the categories include: accessories, beauty, drinks, fruits, jewellery, gastronomy, medical, nature, technology, toys, tools, vegetables and other miscellaneous images.

Given below are some of the benefits that you might derive out of using these pictures for free:

  • The quality of the image would be perfect. These will have a fantastic resolution and a very good clarity, as well.
  • One place would cater to the needs of all the people. You will find photos on all subjects and in different variations, on this site.
  • The images are available for free and can be reused.
  • These pictures come with a white background, so it can fit into any blog or website without looking odd.

Most of the times, people have to pay for the stock photos, but, on stocka, you would get these images for free and this is what attracts a lot of people to this amazing site. You don’t have to worry about any copyright issues anymore. Just go ahead and make use of these lovely images for making your blogs colourful and beautiful. You will not find such high resolution images anywhere else on the net.

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