Grammarly useful or useless?

Grammarly: Useful Or Useless?

It is with little fondness and much chagrin that I remember my years in English class. There was always something new to learn, and I found myself struggling with proper usages, tenses and prepositions. Let’s face it – no one has perfect grammar skills, but improving your abilities in the English language is something we should all strive for. Grammarly… Read More »Grammarly: Useful Or Useless?

15 Blogging Tools To Create Content Quickly

Blogging is hard work. You have to think of content, write it and then find a creative way to post it. Despite what many think, blogging is a vital key to online marketing and promotion, and when is done right, can help you increase your followers, revenue and awareness. It’s these posts that garner attention and gets people to click,… Read More »15 Blogging Tools To Create Content Quickly