Grammarly useful or useless?

Grammarly: Useful Or Useless?

It is with little fondness and much chagrin that I remember my years in English class. There was always something new to learn, and I found myself struggling with proper usages, tenses and prepositions. Let’s face it – no one has perfect grammar skills, but improving your abilities in the English language is something we should all strive for. Grammarly… Read More »Grammarly: Useful Or Useless?

The difference between using free images vs GPL images

Nowadays, the digital world has advanced to a point in which it lets us all be creative and inspiring, but most importantly, productive and helpful to the society. In that manner, as developers we have redefined the world of sharing with creating a place for all designers and making their jobs easier. Now, every designer knows that the popularity of… Read More »The difference between using free images vs GPL images