Text Editors, Coda VS Sublime Text

If you are a programmer or developer, you must have the right tools installed on your computer. You will need an amazing text editor which is a must-have on any computer no matter what the operating system. But what is a text editor?



It is a software used to edit plain text files, to change files’ configuration, documentation and for language source codes programming.

There is a big difference between plain text files that are created using text editors and document files that are made on word processors such as MS Word for Windows.

The differences are as follows:

Text editor                                                   VS                               Word processor


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    Uses character encoding to represent numbers, letters and symbols.
    Plain text files are displayed using a monospace font.
    Only non-printing characters in the file that can be used to format the text are newline, tab and form feed.
    Mark-up languages can be stored in plain text files.
    Removes any formatting information.

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    Contains formatted text.
    Can have bold, italics, multiple fonts and can be made in columns and tables.
    Formatting of text for presentation on a printed page.
    Generally used for other purposes, such as input data for a computer program.



There are a lot of text editors on the market but in my opinion, two of them stand out.


1. Coda is a text editor only available for Mac users. It costs $99 and has a free trial to test if it suits your taste. Coda focuses more on IDE than other text editors.

It is fundamentally targeted at web development and that makes it unique. Most text editors on the market are expected to be of general use and should work with any plain text file. Coda, on the other hand, is full of features that will make any guy or girl in the field go gaga for more.

If you’re coming from another programming platform that focuses more on IDE, Coda is a good program to transition with. Coda also has an FTP client, MySQL management and so much more.


2. Sublime Text on the other hand works on three platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. Sublime Text’s market price is at $70 which is $29 less than Coda, and it comes with a free trial as well.

Sublime text is known to be an awesome all around text editor. It is now on its second version and the third one is in the making process. This is the best choice among web professionals because it is simple and has a low learning curve.

It is known to have an amazing syntax highlighting, great default themes and a number of powerful built-in features.


At this point, Sublime Text wins in our books but at the end of the day, the best text editor will still depend on which one works best for you and that means, your operating system, your budget (for buying the software), your learning curve and most of all the jobs you are going to use it for.

Since both Coda and Sublime Text come with a free trial, feel free to give both a try and choose the best one after testing both.

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