Top 5 Free Contact Form Plugins For WordPress


When it comes to keeping tabs on visitors to your sites, contact form plugin does the magic. The beauty of it all is that these plugins are free and users can easily download and install any of the preferred versions of these plugins. A good contact form gives business websites a professional appearance and helps simplify the managing of your online communication. All WordPress contact plugins offer these basic benefits like:

Customizations – which allows for the creation of contact forms that match the look and feel of the site, with custom fields, defined next steps, and more.

Ease of use – plugins are quite simple, user-friendly interfaces that require no coding to install or use.
Contact management – contact form plugins for Word Press include a dashboard to help manage contact information from your customers.

Spam protection – contact form plugins for Word Press include some form of security to prevent spam comments.

Included features vary considerably from simple feedback forms to complex multi-field forms that use conditional logic to change what information is requested. These fantastic free and premium contact forum plugins are available for word press users.

1. Contact us form


Contact us form is specially built to help you track and prioritize your contact form submissions and to provide a seamless interaction between you and your customers/clients. It’s made to catch more leads, create and manage a relationship with those leads and provide analytic data to improve lead acquisition channels.

Contact us form offers a practical contact form solution that allows individuals to create professional looking advanced contact forms. It supports Google Maps and allows you to customize the auto-responder settings. It also has support for many third party services such as Google Analytics, Google Docs and so on.

Contact Us offers a unique Multiple Form Type Management which provides all sorts of conversion optimized, high-performance forms. The plugin can manage all of the great form types “Contact form” has to offer. Easy Appointments form, fast Donation form and high conversion Newsletter Signup forms are all now available through quick setup wizards and short codes.

Flexible Contact Forms plugin can be used for multiple uses such as: simple “Contact Us” contact form, Support contact form, a Price Quote Contact Form, Demo Request contact form, Newsletter signup form, “Advertise with Us” contact form, a Customer Feedback contact form, Request a Consultation contact form and a Suggestion form.

2. Ninja forms


Ninja form is unique in its own right in that it allows you to easily and quickly design complex forms through a drag and drop interface, and absolutely no code is required for the set up of the plugin. Ninja Forms not just create a simple contact but is a feature packed free contact form plugin that allows you to restrict user input in forms. It embedded with an anti-spam field and user submissions can be saved, modified and exported.

Also, a number of premium extensions are available for Ninja Forms. These allow you to add advanced features such as conditional logic, multi-part forms, file uploading, PayPal integration gateway, email marketing support and of course CAPTCHA and other spam protecting features. Ninja forms are completely free, open sourced, got dozens of add-ons and are easy to extend.

Some other unique features “Ninja forms” includes:

  • Fully customizable CSS – make your form look the way you want.
  • Add a spam filter to prevent those pesky bots from filling out your form.
  • Save form submissions and download them in .xsl format.
  • Show custom help text for any form field.
  • Send a completion message to the end-user and to a list of email addresses with the ability to customize the email address this comes from.
  • Use required fields to ensure that your users fill in important information.

3. Contact form 7


Contact Form 7 is arguably one of the most used Word Press plugins, perhaps second only to Akismet in terms of downloads. This plugin lets you customize form fields, appearance, and mail contents. You can create multiple contact forms and insert them into any page or post and it also supports Ajax-powered submitting , Akismet spam filtering control, CAPTCHA fields, and file attachments.

Uniquely, Contact Form 7 can easily be integrated with other plugins. It is simple, flexible and popular, has a recorded downloaded history of almost 19 million (downloads by Word Press website users); now that’s amazing! Best of all, it is available in multiple languages.

4. Contact Form plugin by vCita


Contact Form plugin by vCita is the ultimate way to capture and manage leads on your Word Press site. vCITA is a useful contact form plugin that lets you add one of three basic contact forms: an engagement contact form that pops up from the bottom of each page, a contact form that is embedded into posts and pages and a widget contact form that can be inserted into sidebars. It’s amazing and user-friendly.

It is easy to add new forms to your website, though you may need to sign up for a free vCita account to perform this action.

Some other unique features:

  • Multiple contact form field options to choose from.
  • Full customization of the contact form look and feel.
  • Responsive contact forms that look great on any device.
  • Multiple Language customizations.
  • Unlimited number of fields on your contact form.

5. Multi-language Responsive Contact Form


This particular plugin allows users to add a contact form either via its simple builder tool or even via PHP or Short code offered by the same. It is extremely simple to use. Also, it supports CAPTCHA to control spam submissions.

It’s a free contact form plugin that allows several fields to be added to your form. A CAPTCHA field can be inserted in order to reduce spam submissions. The form can be inserted into your website using a short code or using PHP code, the form also looks good on mobile devices and has support for Nine languages and still counting.

Some other unique features:

  • Highly responsive form.
  • Easy to enable/disable alpha numeric captcha.
  • Easy to add subject text for emails.
  • You can choose the message to be displayed after successful submission of the form.
  • Multiple Language translations for English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and other languages based on your requirement.
  • Manage form style/CSS from admin panel

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